Who is Dinah?

The name Dinah’s was selected because it is Southern & Comforting.

What does ``Satisfried`` mean?

Dinah’s Chicken is “Fried Under Pressure”.   Sealing the juices of the chicken in and keeping the cooking oil from penetrating.

How many years at the Glendale Location?

48 years.  Dinah’s Chicken Glendale has been owned and operated by the Pearson Family since 1967.  Harry & Mae Pearson worked it until the 1980’s and Dave & Linda Pearson continued the tradition.

How long has Chago & Leandro worked at Dinah’s?

Chago & Leandro have been loyal staff members for over 30 years.

Why does it cost more to eat in the Dining Room?

The prices vary in the Dining Room because the the side order portion sizes are much larger than the same order on the To-Go Menu.

How much Chicken has Dinah’s Sold in 48 years?

Over 24 Million Pounds –  Over 8000 Million Chickens

What is a Gizzard?

A Chicken Gizzard is an organ found in the digestive tract of a chicken.  Similar to a Stomach.

What is Dinah’s Reciepe?

Our special blend of ingredients is a well kept secret.  “If the Colonel had our Recipe he would be a General”

What is the most popular side order?

Our Famous Pineapple Cole Slaw leads the list of Favorites.

What is the largest single order ever filled?

3000 Pcs. of Chicken for the Academy Awards

Who created the Bucket Sign first?

That is up for debate – KFC and Dinah’s Chicken?  Both used the Bucket Signs beginning in the 1960”s