Our Restaurant’s Chicken Will Fuel You for Anything in L.A.

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When you live in Los Angeles, there is an overwhelming list of things to do in the city. Every weekend is carved out for an event, a concert, or a brewery tour that you could be attending. You need a lot of energy if you want to continue your day outside. Especially if you have kiddos dragging you to all of these things. Good thing our chicken will keep you fueled and ready to tackle your day.

Keep Going with Our Restaurant’s Chicken

The menu at Dinah’s Chicken Glendale is packed with a lot of tasty things. It’s almost as packed as the list of things to do in L.A. These upcoming weeks, L.A. will have Photoville LA, a cool exhibition from New York; the Rose Bowl Flea Market; and tons of local comedy shows. If you are visiting the city, take the time to experience some of these great events. Then, take a break and eat some fried chicken. It’ll be time for you to refuel before heading out to a nearby beach!

plate of fried chicken benefits displayed on a clean plate

Chicken Benefits — So Many Good Reasons to Eat at Dinah’s

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Not only does chicken taste good, but there are more reasons to eat it. There are some notable chicken benefits to think about when you’re gushing over how good your entree is. But, did you need any more reasons anyway? Paired with waffles, or a side of coleslaw, chicken is always a good option.

Looking at Chicken Benefits

Ok, we know you don’t need another reason to eat chicken. But, knowing that there are chicken benefits could make you feel even better for eating it. For one, it’s rich in protein which contributes to muscle growth and development. Secondly, it’s good for the heart. It suppresses and controls your body’s homocysteine amino acids (if those are too high it can lead to cardiovascular disease). Thirdly, the vitamin B6 found in chicken can boost metabolism.

We think it’s time for you to order some more chicken.

Sweet and Savory—This Iconic Chicken Duo is Now Available to Order

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Sure, there are a lot of famous duos out there. Peanut butter and jelly, hot dogs and summer days, the list goes on. But, we think this chicken duo is the most iconic:  chicken and waffles. A perfect ratio of savory and sweet, this combo is hitting our menu. You won’t be eating anything else.

Sweet and Savory Chicken duo

If you’ve ever had chicken and waffles, you know it’s a delicious meal enjoyed at any time. It’s been a staple in many culinary traditions including soul food and Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine. Many brunch spots have added this staple to their menus, seeing the demand for it.

With that said, we’ve also added it to our menu! We think everyone should taste our chicken their favorite way. And, you can’t go wrong with chicken and waffles. The only question left is, when are you stopping by to order yours?

Keeping Food Conscious in the New Year

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With a lot of goals set for this new year, it’s no surprise that diet is one personal change happening with a lot of people. Being food conscious is a feat many try to manage to make a positive change. Keeping yourself strong and healthy should always be a goal—and we get that. That’s why we’re here to say that if you’re thinking of keeping healthier food options, it’s always chicken over steak.

Food Conscious with Chicken

By nature, chicken is a healthier protein choice over steak and other red meats. That’s because red meats tend to have more saturated (read: bad) fat. So, you don’t have to completely stop eating out when you’ve decided to keep a healthier diet. Just eat chicken (Dinah’s Chicken) and be a little more conscious about the foods you’re picking.

Dinah’s Chicken has great lunch options that include fish and shrimp too!


Postmates Dinah’s Chicken: A Meal Straight to the Couch

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What do you even call the lag you feel during the last month of the year? Yearend-itis? Whatever it may be, we definitely understand. That’s why we make comfort food to really settle into that mood. Now, you can Postmates Dinah’s Chicken so that you don’t have to interrupt all the relaxing (or holiday gift wrapping) that you have going on. Nothing is better than getting your favorite fried chicken delivered straight to your couch—ok, straight to your door.


Take Advantage of Postmates Dinah’s Chicken

Like, full advantage. Because living in LA means complaining that traffic is the worst at all times. This way, with a Postmates delivery, you can continue to binge watch your favorite show or finish wrapping all those last-minute gifts you bought. You’ve seen our sides list, right? How badly do you want to eat that corn on the cob with the abandon of a 2-year-old? There’s no one to judge you at home, so go right ahead!


Seriously, don’t waste the gas. We can be delivered to you. Enjoy your fried chicken and corn—and don’t forget the mac n’ cheese!


Interesting Chicken Facts to Chew On During the Holidays

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There has been a health wave in the past couple of years that has us asking, “Where is our food coming from?” But, what about the other interesting facts? When you’re eating our delicious chicken, you might not be thinking about random chicken facts. But, we have. Here are some great ones to talk about next time you’re in the restaurant with your friends.

Chicken Facts

First up, the chicken is actually a domesticated fowl that is the subspecies of the red junglefowl.

There are more chickens on Earth than people. Crazy, right?

Chicken as a meat has been depicted as early as Babylonian carvings from around 600 BC.  

Not only is it the most popular poultry in the world, the consumption of it fiercely increased during WWII since there was a shortage of beef and pork.

Rhode Island made a chicken, the Rhode Island Red, the state’s official bird in 1954.

Afraid of chickens? Then you have Alektorophobia. 

Contact Dinah’s Chicken today to order your Thanksgiving Chicken dinner and all the fixings that come along with it.

Fried Chicken: The Easiest People-Pleasing Meal

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What is one of the best characteristics about fried chicken (besides the undeniable taste)? How about the fact that it’s the easiest meal to pick up for any family get-together, work potluck, or a late-night date with Netflix?

Nowadays, the average person is too busy to bother making an elaborate dinner once they come home from work. Forget getting another pizza with toppings no one can agree on. Fried chicken is the crunchy, mouth-watering meal that everyone deserves. Add to that the abundance of savory sides you can find here at Dinah’s, and you’ve got the best people-pleasing meal that anyone could offer.

If you want our advice, the weather is still great in LA. Take advantage of having a picnic just six minutes up the road at Griffith Park. Fried chicken, mac n’ cheese, pineapple slaw and blue skies. We don’t think life gets better than that.

Go ahead and relax. We’ve got your meal covered.  


The Fried Chicken Recipe: A Few Things You Didn’t Know

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The fried chicken recipe goes back pretttttttty far.

The idea for the fried chicken recipe may have originated as far back as the ancient Egyptian days. From there, it’s believed that the Scottish took over the idea and morphed the chicken into more of the recipe prevalent in America today.

The South put their twist and perfected it.

The fried chicken recipe reached full form in the American southwest. Specifically, a Virginia housewife named Mary Randolph was the first to actually publish the recipe in her cookbook.

The whole world loves it.

It’s not only America that has an intense love for this chicken. As a matter of fact, several countries have their own versions, like Korea and Guatemala. In areas of the world like the Caribbean, the Middle East, and West Africa, it is a major staple recipe that is loved and adored.

Fried chicken recipe

At Dinah’s Chicken, we think the fried chicken recipe and its history are pretty cool. That’s why we stick to the roots and offer an original Southern style recipe that honors the history of the delicious dish.

What Are The Best Fried Chicken Sides? Mystery Solved

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Okay, so it may not be quite as ancient as the mystery of the pyramids, but it’s pretty dang close. Since the dawn of time, essentially, people have begged the question: what are the ultimate sides to order with fried chicken? Even now, with the addition of waffles and other hip chicken trends, the mystery just gets deeper.

So let’s solve it. What exactly are the best fried chicken sides?

Very, very in-depth super scientific studies have shown that the best, customer-approved sides are the following:

  1. Mac and Cheese
  2. Coleslaw
  3. Potato salad
  4. Mashed potatoes
  5. Corn on the cob
  6. French fries

But we all know what the actual number one side is (if it can be called a side.)

And that’s classic gravy.

Best fried chicken sides.

Best fried chicken sides.

At Dinah’s Chicken, we take this scientific research super seriously. In fact, we offer the exact sides that customers love to pair with fried chicken.

And we always remember the gravy.

The Los Angeles Times Tells The Story of Dinah’s Fried Chicken Glendale

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We at Dinah’s Fried Chicken Glendale received some love in the Los Angeles Times. The article is “After more than 50 years, Dinah’s Chicken remains a Glendale icon.” We, of course, were very satisfried to find that our customers have loved us for as long as we have loved them! At Dinah’s, it’s our mission to always deliver the best quality comfort food. And to do this in an environment reminiscent of the 60s diner ease. That this has resonated with our customers is an honor, to say the least.

Dinah’s Fried Chicken Glendale

Dinah’s Fried Chicken Glendale

Our family business started as an idea hatched on a golf course in the 60s. It has grown before our eyes, and we’re more than happy that Dinah’s Fried Chicken Glendale has stayed in the family all these years. While our friends and customers have come and go through the years, our recipe and unwavering kindness will never change.

After all, if the Colonel had our recipe, he’d be a general. Visit Dinah’s Fried Chicken Glendale today.