Celebrate National Fried Chicken Day!

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If you’re a big fried chicken lover like us, then you know that National Fried Chicken Day is almost upon us! Nobody can deny the succulent and crispy taste of a delicious bucket of chicken so why not grab a few friends or family members and celebrate the day with us!

On July 6th, you can get a bucket for a buck! No, this isn’t a joke. Dinah’s Chicken will be offering an 8 piece bucket of our juicy broasted chicken for only $1 when you purchase $20 or more per person. This offer is only available for take-out only.  

Celebrate the day of chicken and don’t forget to order our signature sides, like our pineapple coleslaw or our cheesy and rich macaroni and cheese. Be sure to get in our free four wings promo as well. Use code FREEWINGS to score.

Chicken in a Jiffy

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For those of us that are consumed with busy schedules, dinner time can be a hassle or simply not exist sometimes due to a limited amount of time to prepare food. Some of our favorite restaurants provide fast and delicious food but we’re not always in the mood to go pick it up if delivery isn’t an option.

If you’re absolutely and positively in love with Dinah’s fried chicken, and don’t want to travel to Glendale for a visit, never fear. We have proudly partnered with Ubereats and Postmates so our delicious and juicy, broaster fried chicken can be delivered to your door in a jiffy. Our entire menu is available through both delivery apps, including our famous pineapple coleslaw, so you can even order for the whole family to chow down for the night without leaving the comfort of your home!

Download either apps in the App Store via iPhone or Google Play for Android.

50 Years of Chicken!

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Celebrations are always a wonderful thing! Here at Dinah’s Chicken, we celebrated our 50th anniversary (April 12th) of serving up the same, good and mouth watering fried chicken.

We take pride in never compromising our recipe in order to keep up with the current chicken trends, nor has our quality customer service. Uber Eats and Post Mates also now delivers for us! The only change we’ve made is our side orders. We’ve added our delicious, cheesy mac and cheese, amazing cranberry sauce, hearty stuffing, crispy french fries and Dinah’s style corn on the cob.

Don’t forget, we also offer amazing chicken livers, gizzards, fish and shrimp! But the celebration hasn’t stopped. If you’re ever in the Glendale area and craving some delicious and juicy pressure fried chicken, come in and dine with Dinah’s Chicken as we move towards another 50 years of success!

You can also use our FREEWINGS promo code when you come to dine in or take out to receive four FREE wings!

A Romantic Fried Chicken Dinner

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The special day of love is just around the corner! Of course Valentine’s Day is includes plenty of chocolate, stuffed bears, beautiful flowers and other amazing gifts, but what about dinner for that night? Of course you could always go out to a swanky restaurant but who wants to deal with waiting for a table? In most cases, even if you have reservations, you will still wait to be seated as Valentine’s Day is the busiest holiday for restaurants.

Why not have a romantic night in with some fried chicken? Picture it: The two of you sitting at the dining room table, enjoying each other’s company with no hustle and bustle of other patrons and engaging in great conversation.

Best of all, the aroma of a bucket of broasted fried chicken from Dinah’s Kitchen intrigues you and your lover to chow down on succulent breasts, juicy wings and legs and an assortment of sides including our signature pineapple cole slaw.

Don’t stress yourself out with dinner plans, just call on Dinah’s to complete your romantic night in.

Spread Joy, Cheer and Chicken

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Tis’ the season for good cheer, snow (for some of us), spending time with the family, presents and best of all holiday feasts!

Aside from the gifts, Christmas dinner is the best part of the holiday. Ham, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, potato salad and much more fills our bellies until we pass out before dessert is served. But a wonderful, tasty and might we add, cost efficient addition that can be a feast feature is delicious and succulent broasted fried chicken.

So who the heck provides broasted chicken in Los Angeles? Hint: Starts with a D, ends with an H. Dinah’s Chicken has been the sole provider of good ole’ fried chicken to the Los Angeles area for over 49 years. Our customers always come back for more scrumptious broasted chicken and our fresh sides that are made daily.

This holiday season, spread joy, cheer and chicken with Dinah!

UberEats at Dinah’s Chicken!

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With the holidays fast approaching, our lives are becoming more hectic. Each year, many of us spend long hours at work or a second job to make extra money for gifts, and spend countless hours in traffic or at the mall, searching for that little something perfect. In the meantime, life goes on. We get home and dinner is not on the table. UberEats lets you forget the stress of cooking, and eliminates the mistake of stopping for processed, fast food.

Dinah’s chicken has paired with UberEats to bring you delicious, homemade fried chicken and amazing sides and other entrees straight to your door! UberEats app makes it easier than ever to get your favorite dishes delivered fast and hassle free. Just sign in, choose Dinah’s Chicken, and pick your favorite foods from the instant menu. Your total will include the price of your meal and the Uber delivery fee – no need to tip! Enjoy Dinah’s at your door with UberEats!

Fried Chicken: In or Out Dining Done Right

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When it comes to serving the best fried chicken in San Fernando Valley, Dinah’s Chicken is second to none. Not only is their food fresh, delicious, and authentic, but their family values and love for what they do makes dining with Dinah’s a special experience.

Request a full order of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gizzards, french fries, or anything else from their large menu and you will receive a homemade meal for any sized group. Dinah’s even offers special pricing for large groups. This family kitchen is ready for anything! They once even supplied three thousand pieces of chicken to the Academy Awards. There is no doubt this is one of the best places to eat in Glendale CA.

Enjoy the extra special touch that Dinah’s puts on every homemade meal. Whether you stop by for a dinner in with the family or grab take out for you and your friends, you will not be disappointed.

Why Dine In at Dinah’s?

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Aside from being one of the best places to eat in Glendale CA, Dinah’s broasted fried chicken offers something different for fried chicken lovers. Their unique pressure cooking method produces juicy, delicious chicken, for a taste you won’t find anywhere else. But why dine in at Dinah’s?

Dinah’s is not one of your average fried chicken restaurants. This special kitchen has been owned, operated, and cherished by the Pearson family since 1967. Their doors have welcomed generations of families, anxious to try their fried chicken, special pineapple cole slaw, and other mouth-watering menu items. Dinah’s restaurant warmly welcomes you with comforting home décor and a family atmosphere.

Come into Dinah’s and enjoy more than a great meal – dine in with us and become a part of our family. Our restaurant is a part of who we are and something we are proud to share with the community.

Why Everyone Deserves a Takeout Night

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Life can be hectic, stressful, and overwhelming. Particularly if you work and have a family to care for, it can sometimes seem like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. While cooking and eating at home can often be healthier and cheaper, everyone needs a night of some good ole fried chicken takeout.

The best fried chicken restaurants will make their food with love and care, just as you would at home for yourself and your family. In fact, Dinah’s makes lunch and dinner in individual or family sizes, so whenever you need a break we are here to nourish your needs!

Don’t let life or guilt get the best of you. We all work hard every day at Dinah’s and we know you do too. Stop by and grab some freshly made fried chicken and pineapple cole slaw for a carefree night you deserve!

Summer Parties Are Here! Impress Your Guests With Amazing Takeout

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We all know summer is the time to party, but no one wants to be in a hot kitchen cooking for their guests! Get outside and enjoy the weather with your friends and family and let Dinah’s do the rest!

If you are having a pool party or backyard bash, don’t settle for the same old burgers and hot dogs! Call on Dinah’s for the best fried chicken in San Fernando Valley! Whether you are a small group or a rowdy crowd, we have the fried chicken and sides that will impress your whole crew. From macaroni and cheese to pineapple cole slaw, we can create a perfect spread for your summer fun.

Don’t miss out on great deals, specials, and amazing food while relaxing at your own event! Call us today for the perfect menu for your party needs!