Family Dinner — It’s Important to Eat Together

By May 2, 2019Uncategorized
dinah's fried chicken is perfect for family dinner Sure, food is essential. But, what is really essential is sharing a meal with family or friends. Making a family dinner part of a tradition or weekly routine is an important social act. Save the frozen meal alone for a late night or a quick lunch at work. It is scientifically proven that it’s better to share a meal with someone than it is to eat alone.

Make it a Family Dinner

“Family” doesn’t have to be traditional in this sense. But, you should be sitting around a table, whether that’s at a restaurant or at home, and sharing this experience. Sadly, Americans rarely eat together anymore. This has negative effects both physically and psychologically that many have studied. Not only can that time be alienating, but there are other health components to keep in mind. Usually, if you’re eating alone, it’s a quick solution. It’s probably not the healthiest meal, and you’re probably eating quickly in between other tasks. Keeping family close and eating and sharing food is something that many cultures and people do. When we’re able to have conversations and be in the presence of one another, we’re able to release endorphins and be in a happier and healthier state. So, before you run out and grab a meal for one, plan a family dinner and start sharing those moments.

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