Postmates Dinah’s Chicken: A Meal Straight to the Couch

By December 17, 2018Uncategorized

What do you even call the lag you feel during the last month of the year? Yearend-itis? Whatever it may be, we definitely understand. That’s why we make comfort food to really settle into that mood. Now, you can Postmates Dinah’s Chicken so that you don’t have to interrupt all the relaxing (or holiday gift wrapping) that you have going on. Nothing is better than getting your favorite fried chicken delivered straight to your couch—ok, straight to your door.


Take Advantage of Postmates Dinah’s Chicken

Like, full advantage. Because living in LA means complaining that traffic is the worst at all times. This way, with a Postmates delivery, you can continue to binge watch your favorite show or finish wrapping all those last-minute gifts you bought. You’ve seen our sides list, right? How badly do you want to eat that corn on the cob with the abandon of a 2-year-old? There’s no one to judge you at home, so go right ahead!


Seriously, don’t waste the gas. We can be delivered to you. Enjoy your fried chicken and corn—and don’t forget the mac n’ cheese!


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