Fried Chicken: The Easiest People-Pleasing Meal

By October 9, 2018Uncategorized

What is one of the best characteristics about fried chicken (besides the undeniable taste)? How about the fact that it’s the easiest meal to pick up for any family get-together, work potluck, or a late-night date with Netflix?

Nowadays, the average person is too busy to bother making an elaborate dinner once they come home from work. Forget getting another pizza with toppings no one can agree on. Fried chicken is the crunchy, mouth-watering meal that everyone deserves. Add to that the abundance of savory sides you can find here at Dinah’s, and you’ve got the best people-pleasing meal that anyone could offer.

If you want our advice, the weather is still great in LA. Take advantage of having a picnic just six minutes up the road at Griffith Park. Fried chicken, mac n’ cheese, pineapple slaw and blue skies. We don’t think life gets better than that.

Go ahead and relax. We’ve got your meal covered.  


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