The Fried Chicken Recipe: A Few Things You Didn’t Know

By September 13, 2018Uncategorized

The fried chicken recipe goes back pretttttttty far.

The idea for the fried chicken recipe may have originated as far back as the ancient Egyptian days. From there, it’s believed that the Scottish took over the idea and morphed the chicken into more of the recipe prevalent in America today.

The South put their twist and perfected it.

The fried chicken recipe reached full form in the American southwest. Specifically, a Virginia housewife named Mary Randolph was the first to actually publish the recipe in her cookbook.

The whole world loves it.

It’s not only America that has an intense love for this chicken. As a matter of fact, several countries have their own versions, like Korea and Guatemala. In areas of the world like the Caribbean, the Middle East, and West Africa, it is a major staple recipe that is loved and adored.

Fried chicken recipe

At Dinah’s Chicken, we think the fried chicken recipe and its history are pretty cool. That’s why we stick to the roots and offer an original Southern style recipe that honors the history of the delicious dish.

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