What Are The Best Fried Chicken Sides? Mystery Solved

By August 13, 2018Uncategorized

Okay, so it may not be quite as ancient as the mystery of the pyramids, but it’s pretty dang close. Since the dawn of time, essentially, people have begged the question: what are the ultimate sides to order with fried chicken? Even now, with the addition of waffles and other hip chicken trends, the mystery just gets deeper.

So let’s solve it. What exactly are the best fried chicken sides?

Very, very in-depth super scientific studies have shown that the best, customer-approved sides are the following:

  1. Mac and Cheese
  2. Coleslaw
  3. Potato salad
  4. Mashed potatoes
  5. Corn on the cob
  6. French fries

But we all know what the actual number one side is (if it can be called a side.)

And that’s classic gravy.

Best fried chicken sides.

Best fried chicken sides.

At Dinah’s Chicken, we take this scientific research super seriously. In fact, we offer the exact sides that customers love to pair with fried chicken.

And we always remember the gravy.

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