What Does Broasting a Chicken Mean?

By May 3, 2018Uncategorized

Did you know that there are more chickens on Earth than people? Chicken is considered to be a universal food item in the U.S.  Americans eat about 92 pounds of chicken per person, according to Provision Online. These numbers make chicken the most consumed type of meat in the U.S. There are tons of ways to prepare chicken, such as grilling, broiling, frying, pan searing and broasted! Many bird-eaters are familiar with fried chicken, but many have yet to discover the glory that is broasting a chicken.


Broasting a Chicken

Broasting is a method of cooking involving pressure frying. During this cooking process, you deep fry chicken without letting the oil seep into the chicken meat, the pressure also cooks the meat and it’s not just the oil doing it. Compared to fried chicken, chicken that has been broasted is found to be juicier and taste better. Broasted chicken typically appears to look like fried chicken, being that the exterior has a fried appearance to it.

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