Ditch the Turkey, Order Chicken

By November 22, 2017Uncategorized

Every Thanksgiving, the tried and true centerpiece of dinner is turkey. Don’t get us wrong, turkey is great and a staple in the holiday where we all give thanks, but why not switch it up this year? Broasted fried chicken from Dinah’s will add a switch in the annual Thanksgiving tradition and it’s easier for cooking seeing as it’s already made for you of course. A bucket of Dinah’s famous fried chicken can even be a great addition to your turkey on turkey day and our delicious sides can accompany your dinner as well in case you’re crunched for cooking time.


Catering fried chicken on Thanksgiving may sound out of this world but why not give the best fried chicken in Glendale, CA a try and save yourself some cooking time? Special orders are our specialty! We can accommodate any occasion and any sized group. Contact us today to learn more or come in ask about our special prices. Call us at 1-818-244-4188.


Have a Happy and delicious Thanksgiving!

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