Chicken in a Jiffy

By June 20, 2017Uncategorized

For those of us that are consumed with busy schedules, dinner time can be a hassle or simply not exist sometimes due to a limited amount of time to prepare food. Some of our favorite restaurants provide fast and delicious food but we’re not always in the mood to go pick it up if delivery isn’t an option.

If you’re absolutely and positively in love with Dinah’s fried chicken, and don’t want to travel to Glendale for a visit, never fear. We have proudly partnered with Ubereats and Postmates so our delicious and juicy, broaster fried chicken can be delivered to your door in a jiffy. Our entire menu is available through both delivery apps, including our famous pineapple coleslaw, so you can even order for the whole family to chow down for the night without leaving the comfort of your home!

Download either apps in the App Store via iPhone or Google Play for Android.

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