A Romantic Fried Chicken Dinner

By February 2, 2017Uncategorized

The special day of love is just around the corner! Of course Valentine’s Day is includes plenty of chocolate, stuffed bears, beautiful flowers and other amazing gifts, but what about dinner for that night? Of course you could always go out to a swanky restaurant but who wants to deal with waiting for a table? In most cases, even if you have reservations, you will still wait to be seated as Valentine’s Day is the busiest holiday for restaurants.

Why not have a romantic night in with some fried chicken? Picture it: The two of you sitting at the dining room table, enjoying each other’s company with no hustle and bustle of other patrons and engaging in great conversation.

Best of all, the aroma of a bucket of broasted fried chicken from Dinah’s Kitchen intrigues you and your lover to chow down on succulent breasts, juicy wings and legs and an assortment of sides including our signature pineapple cole slaw.

Don’t stress yourself out with dinner plans, just call on Dinah’s to complete your romantic night in.

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