Broasted Chicken Vs. Deep Fried Chicken

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Chicken is delicious. We know that much! There are many different ways chicken can be prepared; grilled, poached, stir fried, pan seared, fried and broasted. But many chicken lovers wonder after finding out what broasted chicken is, what the difference between that and deep fried chicken is. Let us be of service to you.

Broasted Chicken:
This type of chicken is cooked using a high pressure cooking method, making chicken pieces juicy on the inside (something that is hard to do with deep frying) and crispy like fried chicken on the outside. Broasting is a brand name that is only available when dining out (like at Dinah’s!) so the method isn’t something that can be done at home. Broasted thighs, wings, legs and breasts are also known to be a healthier option due to it’s 40% less fat and holds fewer calories than typical fried chicken.

Deep Fried Chicken:
Deep fried chicken, also referred to as “Southern fried chicken”, the pieces are seasoned, rolled in a batter then flour and finally pan fried to a crisp. Many food chains that specialize in chicken typically serve deep fried chicken. This type of cooking method is a dietitian’s nightmare and is the first to go for when people change their diets due to the fact that the skin (the unhealthiest and most sodium-filled part of the chicken) is cooked in fattening oils and soaked into the meat.

So now that you know the difference, if you’re ever up for a new and healthier option for that classic fried chicken taste, do not hesitate to dine in at Dinah’s Chicken for the best broasted chicken in Glendale!

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  • Cleopatra says:

    I must say that your chicken is delicious, no one can take that away from you. But so expensive? $2.10 for one piece sounds ridiculous to me. If you’re not using any oil, why not lower the price on order of 50 or more?

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