What is Broasted Chicken, anyway?

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Is it when you get together with you bros and roast a chicken? Bro-roasting? No. It’s actually a method for cooking chicken (and other foods, but chicken…mmm.) using a pressure fryer. It essentially combines pressure cooking with deep frying chicken that has been marinated and breaded. The technique was invented in the early 1950’s and is marketed by the Broaster Company, out of Wisconsin, in the good ol’ U. S. of A. The glorious beauty of broasted chicken is that it retains all of its juicy goodness, and because it’s done under pressure, it is less greasy and more flavorful than other frying methods. Broasted chicken has a crispy, nutty, golden brown coating that only comes from broasting. Using only commercial equipment, broasting is not available to home cooks, broasters and the seasonings are only sold to restaurants and the food trade… so we’ll see ya soon!!

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  • Jayanta says:

    So I threw that in a slow-cooker with a couple of cecikhn breasts and about an hour before serving time; sliced up some potatoes into thick wedges and roasted them. Some folks call these steak fries. a0 Around these parts we call them jojos.

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