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Summer Parties Are Here! Impress Your Guests With Amazing Takeout

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We all know summer is the time to party, but no one wants to be in a hot kitchen cooking for their guests! Get outside and enjoy the weather with your friends and family and let Dinah’s do the rest!

If you are having a pool party or backyard bash, don’t settle for the same old burgers and hot dogs! Call on Dinah’s for the best fried chicken in San Fernando Valley! Whether you are a small group or a rowdy crowd, we have the fried chicken and sides that will impress your whole crew. From macaroni and cheese to pineapple cole slaw, we can create a perfect spread for your summer fun.

Don’t miss out on great deals, specials, and amazing food while relaxing at your own event! Call us today for the perfect menu for your party needs!

Football, Shmootball. We’ve got chicken!!

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Broasted chicken, really, really great chicken. And sides, oh my goodness gracious do we have sides! We’ve got pineapple cole slaw, (our most popular) warm and creamy macaroni and cheese, fruit mellow, fluffy mashed potatoes, golden french fries and more! And now for a limited time you can get four wings FREE when you order $20 or more from our menu, take out or dine in! Use promo code FREEWINGS when ordering online.

Score a touchdown when you take a 21 piece picnic tub of Dinah’s chicken and some mouth watering sides to that Super Bowl Party. Maybe a 15 piece tub o’ chicken? It comes with a large side order of your choice. A bigger party in mind? Try a 36 piece giant barrel of chicken. Whatever size you choose, it will always have the same crispy, delicious flavor that you’ve come to expect from Dinah’s.

Are You Ready For Some Football?

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Tis’ the season, football season, that is. Let’s see….there’s Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, Saturday College Football, literally all day, and Sunday Football, all day, oh yea! You have those football friends that you always watch the game with, and the food, well, it could be improved upon. Not that there’s anything wrong with chips and salsa, or chips and guacamole, or chips and all those other kinds of dips, it’s just not that filling, and I’d hardly call it a meal.

Do you really want to feed those hungry football fans? Dinah’s Chicken is the perfect choice! You can order an 18 piece Barrel O Chicken, a 27 piece Jumbo Barrel, a 36 piece Giant Barrel or a 21 piece Picnic Tub O Chicken with one large side order, like macaroni and cheese, french fries or mashed potatoes. The truth is, you can get as much Dinah’s Chicken as you like…and all the sides to go along with it. Satisfying and consistently delicious, Dinah’s Chicken has always been a crowd pleaser!

Spooktacular Ideas for Halloween Party Food

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It’s a busy time of year…summer has officially come to an end, (B00!) and school’s in, you’re shuttling the kids to and from this lesson or that practice…and you’d really like to have time to get together in your cool costumes and celebrate the season, but there is no time to cook, you’ve been carving pumpkins and getting decorations up to prepare for the zombie invasion!

Oh yes, there will be lots of candy, but little witches, goblins and ghosts won’t be feeling so festive if that’s all your party has to offer. “Monster” Mash-ed potatoes and gravy, “macabre” macaroni and cheese or “frightening” fruit mellow are all devilishly delicious side dishes to a “batty” barrel of Dinah’s famous fried chicken!

So, don’t let your party run a fowl…swing by Dinah’s for some ghoolishly good eats to go along with your tricks and treats!

What is Broasted Chicken, anyway?

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Is it when you get together with you bros and roast a chicken? Bro-roasting? No. It’s actually a method for cooking chicken (and other foods, but chicken…mmm.) using a pressure fryer. It essentially combines pressure cooking with deep frying chicken that has been marinated and breaded. The technique was invented in the early 1950’s and is marketed by the Broaster Company, out of Wisconsin, in the good ol’ U. S. of A. The glorious beauty of broasted chicken is that it retains all of its juicy goodness, and because it’s done under pressure, it is less greasy and more flavorful than other frying methods. Broasted chicken has a crispy, nutty, golden brown coating that only comes from broasting. Using only commercial equipment, broasting is not available to home cooks, broasters and the seasonings are only sold to restaurants and the food trade… so we’ll see ya soon!!

Unique Foods To Have at Your Next BBQ

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picnic basket

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy. Sunny days, warm Southern California nights. No cooking in the kitchen. So much of the beautiful outdoors of our state to enjoy. Pack up the kids, grab the dog and head out for a picnic. A favorite for picnic goers is Dinah’s Picnic Tub ‘O Chicken, with 21 pieces of chicken and a large side order. Why not try our refreshing pineapple coleslaw or macaroni salad? Have you tried Dinah’s original recipe fried chicken, delicious corn on the cob, and a Fruit Mellow? Round out your meal with a side of macaroni and cheese, and it all makes for a mouth-watering picnic. Maybe something for just the two of you? A red checkered tablecloth, and a Chicken Dinner for Two? The mountains or the sea, which ever destination you choose, be sure to take Dinah’s along for a delicious and memorable picnic!